The Re:Fuel Revival: Vintage Fancy Dress 101

This September, Re:Fuel is going back in time to a place where the words Greta and Thunberg don’t exist. Particulate Filters haven’t been invented and the only traction control around was the stability of your right foot. A dedicated section of the venue will transform into…. “The Re:Fuel Revival”, which is all about taking a step back in time to appreciate the vehicles that made the modern automotive community what it is today.

The Re:Fuel Revival is designed to celebrate all pre-1970 vehicles and ‘revive’ the culture that came with the time period; 1930’s onwards. So, we’re encouraging people to dig out their cravats, bowler hats, army uniform and more, and get into the swing of things in period-appropriate clothing.

DO NOT WORRY IF YOU DON’T WANT TO JOIN IN WITH THE FANCY DRESS; IT IS NOT MANDATORY. However, the Re:Fuel team themselves will also be wearing period attire – so why not join in on the fun!

Now, some of you may be wondering what people wore “back in the day” – and some of you will remember vividly! So, for those who aren’t sure, we’ve put together a kind of mini mood board of vintage clothing/styles that you can use to brainstorm your own outfit. Let your imagination run wild!!

Just as important as the fancy dress is, of course, the cars themselves. Cars that fit the pre-1970 criteria will be invited to park at the front of the venue in our Revival Corner, as long as there is room at the time of your arrival. However, don’t be put off if you’re more of a modern car enthusiast. Outside of the Revival zone, as always with Re:Fuel, there will be an eclectic mix of vehicles in attendance to suit all disciplines and tastes of the automotive community.

So we hope that gives you some idea of what to expect on the 20th September. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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