Photoshoot: Cornwall

What do you get when you combine professional photography with epic scenery and stunning automobiles?… a Re:Fuel Photoshoot!

On the 8th of March, Re:Fuel paid a visit to a deserted World War 2 airfield in Cornwall. Why? To try adding another way of us providing value to the Southwest automotive community; by capturing some professional-grade images of your four-wheeled toys – whilst also introducing them to a stunning new part of the world that most have never heard of or visited.

If you have something on four wheels that you cherish then, chances are, you’d like to have good quality images taken of it. Plus, lets face it, who doesn’t love a good photo of their car! The best way to do this of course is by hiring a professional photographer with experience in the automotive field – but it can be a bit of a stretch for the wallet. So we thought why not offer the talents of Elliot, our Re:Fuel Official Photographer, to anyone in our community who’d like to meet as a group and get some awesome images of their pride and joy?

We found a cool location, spent some time planning the day, setup the ticket sales and we were away. We have to admit, the weather was a little wet and windy at times, but we’ll let the following photos do the rest of talking. Here’s a little sample of a few of the shots we got…..

A special thank you must go out to Pierre, of Heritage Car Care based in South Devon, who kindly came along to give the cars a quick rinse down before their time in the spotlight. A great guy – very approachable and knowledgeable, with a fantastic eye for detail. Check out his Facebook page and don’t be shy in dropping him a message.

Our Re:Fuel photoshoots will always be advertised publicly on our social media – but did you know we’ve started to organise some cool trips to the factories of car manufacturers and motorsport teams? If you like the sound of that, then you should register your interest in our “1886 initiative” by clicking here.