5 Roads in the South West you must drive

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Being based within the South West of England we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by an amazing range of scenery from coastlines to moorland. Which, incidentally, allows for some wonderful driving roads! Here’s just 5 of said roads that are within the South West and great to drive.

A39: Minehead to Barnstaple

Often referred to as the “Atlantic Highway” this specific stretch of the A39 commences in Minehead, passing through Exmoor before following the North Devon coastline towards Barnstaple. You’ll begin by heading out of Minehead on the steep incline towards Porlock Hill, then opening up onto the green fields of Exmoor. Before slowly crossing into Devon where you will experience a plethora of coastal views; such as Lynmouth Beach. As you make your way along the North Devon coastline you will encounter many curves and chicanes prior to arriving in Barnstaple, allowing you to stretch the legs of your pride and joy; all be it safely of course!

B3135: Cheddar to Ashwick

Deemed to be one of the best driving roads in the UK, the B3135 between Cheddar and Ashwick cuts straight through the Mendip Hills. Driving Cheddar Gorge, despite its natural beauty, requires a lot of concentration on the road ahead. Once you exit the twisty turns of the Gorge, you’ll find yourself upon open straights and sweeping bends where you can relax and simply enjoy the scenery.

A386: Appledore to Plymouth

From the North to the South Devon coastline by one road, the A386 lets you get a feel for what Devon has to offer. Starting at the small fishing village of Appledore, you’ll make your way South. You’ll pass through a range of moorland including Lyn Valley and small towns such as Tavistock, providing you with picturesque areas to take a pit-stop. The route will finally open up onto dual carriageways, bringing this journey to an end in “Britain’s Ocean City” of Plymouth.

B3306: St Ives to St Juste

Following the west coast of Cornwall the B3306 hugs the shoreline on an incredibly scenic drive. Setting off in St Ives, this road consists of twists and turns that keep you focused on fun of driving. When the road does open up, and you get a chance to look out at your surroundings, you’ll see open countryside on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. However, if you fancy taking a break from driving there are plenty of opportunities to pull over and take in the views by foot.

B3212: Yelverton to Dunsford

The B3212 will take you from one side of Dartmoor to the other, providing you with exceptional views throughout this epic drive. On a clear summer’s day you’ll be able to see for miles across fields and rolling hills. A car with good handling abilities would be ideal for this one as you’ll encounter many curves and sweeping bends along the way. 

Whilst you may not have been able to travel abroad this summer, take the time to explore what the South West of England has to offer with this list of drives. Whether you manage to go on one or all five, make sure to use #refuelsw when you share your journeys online. Safe travels!