Re:Fuel is the Southwest’s biggest “Cars & Coffee” venue – the home for anything with wheels to come and chill out at the weekends. With a family-friendly, chilled and relaxed atmosphere, no matter what you drive, everyone is welcome. After three years of being open to public on the third Sunday of every month, we’re currently mid-build of our dedicated Re:Fuel venue that’ll be open every single weekend!

“Good, fun, relaxed atmosphere with loads of interesting vehicles and their passionate petrolhead owners. £5 for a day out talking cars and eating good quality, good value food – what’s not to like?”

John Wilde, Re:Fuel visitor

You can grab a coffee, maybe something to eat, and check out the supercars, vintage cars, hot-rods and other cherished and unique machines that have turned up.

“Fantastic atmosphere. I drive a fairly old Focus Diesel (and obviously I’m not there to show it off!) but I get just as warm a welcome as someone driving something more exotic”

Simon Goodman, Re:Fuel visitor

With a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy drinking quality coffee, eating great food and sharing stories of driving, restoration and how you came to own each wonderful machine – Re:Fuel attracts enthusiasts from all over the Southwest, whether you bring your pride and joy, daily shed or the family wagon.

You can learn more about the venue and our plans for the growth of Re:Fuel by reading about our vision here.

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